We believe that driven investors should benefit from the best opportunities

regardless of location or connections

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About Mavan Capital Partners

We are a diverse team of successful business, finance, and legal professionals with extensive private and public company management experience across many industries. We have built strong relationships which provides access to opportunities not commonly available to most investors. Our mission is to utilize our global network to provide our investors access to exclusive opportunities that they would not have access to on their own.

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The MAVAN Tech Investment Opportunity

We break down the barriers to benefit from technology investment by providing access to exclusive investments in some of the most promising and exciting companies around the world.


Qualified investors participate with Mavan in technology financings that they cannot access on their own.


We invest in companies in which we have a high degree of confidence in the founders and management, the technology they have created and a capitalization event targeted within 6 months to 5 years.


We use our strategic and disciplined investment approach to minimize risk and maximize return potential.

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Technology Investment Stages

Technology Investment Stages

MAVAN investors benefit from the exceptional return potential of investing in high growth technology companies spanning all stages, from early to post-IPO. These opportunities are traditionally available only to well connected, highly knowledgable institutional and high net worth investors.