Tech Opportunity Fund #1

The MAVAN Tech Opportunity Fund #1 is focused on investing in companies in which there is a high degree of confidence in the founders and management, and the technology they have created.

Our main focus is to invest in companies that have management with a strong track record and are experienced in operating a successful business. The Tech Opportunity Fund provides the opportunity to participate in investments that otherwise would not be available to most investors due to the large minimum investments and exclusivity of the deal itself. The market for technology continues to present opportunities at all stages for investors to earn significant returns on an annual IIR basis. The MAVAN Tech Opportunity Fund #1 looks to provide investor returns through mulitple liquidity events based on a deal by deal basis.

Market Opportunity

Technology is an asset class that has produced returns for investors over a long period of time just as many other asset classes such as real estate and natural resources.

Historically, investors particularly outside of California, have had difficulty accessing deal flow prior to companies going public at which point most of the significant return potential is lost. Today the venture capital technology ecosystem remains robust with almost US$61 billion deployed in 2017* to help entrepreneurs grow their companies.

*CISION PR Newswire (News Content from Pitchbook Oct 10, 2017)

Investment Strategy

The fund will strive to maintain a balanced approach when it comes to building a portfolio of technology investments. When it comes to selecting components of a portfolio, some of the key investment criteria we focus on are valuation growth and the product stage. Our goal is to balance liquidity timelines, risk, return potential and a handful of other key factors to create the best possible returns for our investors. MAVAN aims to accomplish our goals by targeting a mix of early growth and late stage investments for our investors. Key Investment Criteria

Investment Details

  • Term – 5-7 years (Maybe longer) With liquidity events.* Please see OM
  • Structure – Mutual Fund Trust
  • Offering Size – Up to $25,000,000
  • Minimum Investment – $10,000.00
  • Unit Price – $10.00
  • Priority Return – 10% Annualized
  • Profit Participation – 60% / 40% split in favour of the investor over 10%*
  • Registered Plan – RRSP, RESP, RRIF, LIRA, TFSA Eligible
  • Management Fees – 2% administration / management
  • Commission – 2% commission will be paid annually up to a maximum of 5 years**

Highlights Of Our Diverse Expertise and Experience Include:

We have established strong deal flow by leveraging the diverse range of expertise and strong global relationships of our management team and strategic partners. Access to deal flow will include, but not be limited to:

  • Extensive private and public company management experience.
  • Access to strong deal flow across many technology verticals, including software, hardware, green technology/power, interactive gaming, cyber security.
  • Corporate structure expertise: Knowledge in building both private and public companies, joint ventures and special purpose vehicles.
  • Sophisticated due diligence and investment analysis. With finance, business and legal expertise in both Canada and the United States.

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We are a diverse team of successful business, finance, and legal professionals with extensive private and public company management experience across many industries. We have built strong relationships which provides access to opportunities not commonly available to most investors.

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