Our Mission Is To Provide Access To Exclusive Opportunities

As the modern workspace expands beyond the office, we’re being connected in ways that allow us to work from anywhere at any time.

With this versatility and access to technology, we can research, create and communicate with each other from anywhere in the world…

MAVAN Capital Partners is a firm where ideas grow and our team works in cooperation towards a common goal of actively investing in technology companies in Canada and across the globe. By investing in the technology arena, we are connecting our investors and portfolio companies across the planet.

Access To Deal Flow

We have established strong deal flow by leveraging the diverse range of expertise and strong global relationships of our management team and strategic partners. Access to deal flow will include, but not be limited to:

  • Relationships with large US and Canadian banks to provide access to investment opportunities including many highly sought pre-ipo investments.
  • Existing relationships with various incubators, accelerators, technology communities and early stage service networks.
  • Diverse network of successful seed investors, angel investors and family offices focused on Technology
  • Access diverse network of entrepreneurs, founders, company executives, advisors and industry service providers.
  • Extensive relationships with other top tier Venture Capital firms to provide access to co-investment opportunities.

Investment Approval Process

Investment opportunities may be brought to the investment committee by any member of the management team or advisors. All opportunities will be vetted by the investment committee and require a majority vote before the opportunity can be added to the fund.

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We are a diverse team of successful business, finance, and legal professionals with extensive private and public company management experience across many industries. We have built strong relationships which provides access to opportunities not commonly available to most investors.

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