The CamDo story begins high above the Earth with a founder who loved paragliding and capturing his adventures soaring through the air. Long flights required more battery than cameras could provide, leading him to create a way to automatically wake his cameras for only a few seconds at a time to capture his experiences. From there, CamDo quickly grew into a business solution with uses beyond exhilarating flight.

In the time since, CamDo cameras have been used to:

  • Capture lions in Africa for the National Geographic Channel
  • Record images from space on the International Space Station
  • Power Google Street View cameras
  • Record time lapse 2,000 feet below the ocean
  • Capture rocket launches for NASA and SpaceX
  • Document the construction of thousands of structures across the globe

Innovation driven by CamDo created economical 4K long-term timelapse solutions without compromising quality. Affordable, high-quality cameras allow CamDo to bring viewers closer to the source and change the way they see the world. Years of iteration and work directly with camera manufacturers lead CamDo to where it is now, helping businesses capture difficult footage with a simple workflow and the assurance that content is being captured.

As tinkerers, engineers, construction professionals, and innovators, the CamDo story is ever evolving, constantly on a path to simplify workflows and capture the world.