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Care2Talk is a video technology platform that provides the easiest and most secure product for older adults in Memory Care, SNF, AL, IL to connect their loved ones & provider groups.

Care2Talk is an iOS/Android App which uses a specially designed interface on mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive impairments or other limitations.
This includes conditions associated with:

• Aging & Dementia
• Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities
• Brain Injuries
• Vision and Hearing Impairments (CC)
• Physical Disabilities & Mobility Restrictions

Care2Talk identified that there was a gap in services available to connect seniors or people with dementia/cognitive disabilities with their care providers, family, or friends. Video calling applications proved to be too confusing for many older adults to navigate and use. Care2talk resulted from this need to keep the aging population socially connected.