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We are excited about Fable for a number of reasons. First and foremost is its ability to scale and grow, their numbers speak for themselves. The commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing of products with a goal to become a Certified B Corp and produce zero waste is another very compelling piece to this groups make up and internal fabric. 

Fable is an early entry into one of our focus areas of Online Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).  This is a market that is growing exponentially, yet its goods have not always been top shelf. We have a different vision; quality, sustainable, customized, and long-term products.  Fable is that product.  They produce beautiful homeware that fit a specific need in the market and are designed to last a lifetime. Fable has assembled a solid management team that knows how to grow a company in this segment.  Fable has achieved product market fit and sales are growing rapidly. 

Founded in 2019, Fable has just announced the completion of a $2.7 million seed round led by True alongside Sandpiper VC and MAVAN Capital to support Fable’s vision of elevated, well-priced, sustainably-led values in the homeware space towards the company’s international expansion, the hiring of key new staff, and product development.

At MAVAN, we want to invest in companies that add something to the world instead of being a draw on the it’s resources.  We are pleased to join the Fable team and assist them through this growth phase.