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INDROCORP is a global assembly of companies providing data collection, monitoring, and leading edge technology services to a wide spectrum of client sectors and industries.
Stratocom offers a wide range of solutions for mass data capture using manned aerial vehicles to measure, analyze, read, and secure assets and infrastructure. Our innovative methods and technologies provide more efficient, environmentally friendly, and accurate results than traditional methods.
InDro Robotics is at the forefront of unmanned aerial, water and land services. Uniquely positioned, InDro Robotics provides a host of mission specific sensor packages to meet the complex needs of the world’s private and public actors. With precise customization, data, security and defense solutions are tailored according to an exact need.
Bravo Zulu provides customized solutions for Defence and Military sectors seeking cutting-edge technology to enhance their delivery of security, intelligence and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), as well as training and service packages for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).