Case Studies:

Empower Leasing Team by automating consuming tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI) while maintaining a human touch.
Have you ever rented a property? Or have you been a landlord? Then you know the nuisances of fielding the same questions time and time again, scheduling showings, and managing applicants. It can be overwhelming. With LetHub, the solution is to have an automated AI step in between the client and the agent to handle the tasks of communicating about the rental unit. Fielding questions like “Can I bring my 50 lbs rottweiler?” “Is there a gym?”, “How far to the nearest grocery store?”, Does it come with curtains? After answering their questions, it helps to pre-screen candidates and schedules viewings with the potential renters. It then follows up to ensure they attend or helps them reschedule or cancel. After the showings it follows up and sends applications and helps agents in the selection process. Agents focus on the human-to-human interaction while the AI platform works across email, messenger and all the other communications platforms to ensure a good customer and agent experience.
LetHub is an AI-powered software platform for the rental property management industry that rents out properties 10x faster than a leasing agent. This allows them to complete more rentals with less agents, increasing throughput and Non Operating Income (NOI)
LetHub’s AI platform improves lead management quality by filtering out renters that are less likely to respond and takes care of the scheduling process, as well as connects to your leasing email and automatically responds to inbound inquiries. LetHub prequalifies renters and schedule showings, handles reminding potential tenants about showings they scheduled and makes showing more efficient. It captures lead info, follows up and promotes the properties. It also collects feedback and flags properties that need attention.