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Minga can manage all your extracurricular activities and programs in one platform and create an amazing experience for students, staff and families. An Extracurricular Management System (EMS) helps schools boost student involvement, staff participation, and school spirit by integrating everything extracurricular into one seamless platform. This makes it easier for students to get engaged while saving activities advisors time, frustration and money.
Minga is finding continued success with their updated positioning and roadmap. Penetration at their returning schools is up 100-200% (in some cases more) and they have close to 75% weekly usage by students in several of their biggest schools (this is compared to comparisons of other extra curricular student apps of 12-15%).
In addition, they are now one of the HIGHEST RATED student apps on the Apple AppStore with a rating of 4.6 / 5 in Canada and 4.3 / 5 in the United States (a comparison platform, 5 Star Students, has a rating of 1.7 / 5).

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