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Pela started over 8 years ago with the world’s first compostable phone case.
Since then, they have made millions of products for over a million happy customers, and saved more than 48,000,000 bags worth of plastic from ever being produced.


Over the last 8 years, their brands have redefined what it means to be innovative in several consumer categories. They accomplish this by using cutting edge material science to design products that have a graceful end of life. Creating an esthetically pleasing, countertop composter has really helped Pela make headlines.


“Two nature-loving entrepreneurs started the company after seeing mounds of cellphone accessories clog up landfills. Each year as consumers swap out old cell phone models for the latest option and toss their old covers. What happens to those covers that are made primarily of plastics? Although they are only used for one year, they will take decades to decompose. In contrast, the Pela case uses starch-based elastomer, recycled materials and Canadian flax shive fibers as the basis of their cases and thy are 100% compostable. They come unpackaged (no plastic sleeve needed). Designed, manufactured, and shipped from Saskatoon and Toronto, Canada.”

– FORBES Magazine