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TechBrew have developed an automated robot that can pick, cut and pack mushrooms in an absolutely inhospitable environment. No one wants to pick mushrooms. It is cold, dark and humid. The industry is starving for workers to pick enough mushrooms to supply the demand. The market is so large that they have pre-sold the first 1000 robots. TechBrew has built a team of skilled technologists and management that will be first to market.
Worldwide 10 million metric tons of mushrooms are hand-picked every year and crippling Labor shortages are blocking producers’ capacity to meet market demands. While this is true for many food producing industries it is extreme in the case of 24hrs x 365 days per year Mushroom production. People do not like picking between 10pm and 6am which leads to suboptimal picking resulting in decreased yield and quality.
“Automating the harvesting for labor starved fresh mushroom producers – 2018 North American production of >420 thousand tonnes valued at U$1.85 Billion growing at 8% CAGR.” Globenewswire
A built for industry Vision Guided Robotic system that automatically harvests mushrooms averaging 20 pieces per minute during peak harvesting that addresses fresh mushroom production labour, quality, and yield challenges. Designed for a food safe hygienic environment the robot will have an operational life of 10 years with preventative maintenance of 6 month minor and 12 & 36 month major schedules.
Purchase options include – capital purchase, lease, robot as a service (with the later 2 supported by 3rd party tbd). Preventative maintenance contracts and licensing for productivity boosters such as Artificial Intelligence will augment capital based revenue with residual revenue streams.