Case Studies:

Trellis is a “Revenue Generation Platform”. As their tagline suggests they are a platform to assist charities raise more money, faster and for less effort.  They drive revenues from subscriptions and a percentage of money raised on the platform. The software platform includes all the major features from Ticketing, Donations, Live Auctions, Live Streaming and recently Raffles. The Raffle involves getting a gaming license in all the provinces they operate but opens up significant new opportunities.

The charity industry is a trillion dollar industry and the systems to manage, operate and support them are broken. The challenges in the industry are significant ranging from being understaffed to increasing expectations from donors.  Add to that the challenges that COVID added to the industry with the loss of in person fundraising and the market was ripe for disruption.

Trellis offers a suite of features that support both in person and virtual fundraising.  They support ticketing, tax receipts, online transactions, live and virtual auctions as well as event page hosting and now gaming with the addition of 50/50 lottery support.  Using the Trellis platform charities can raise more money, faster and with less effort and cost than traditional methods.