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There are many companies trying to automate connecting car buyers and sellers. But they are simply automating the same old buying patterns. VINN is taking an entirely new approach to car buying in order to disrupt a legacy business. By incorporating Artificial Intelligence across a wide range of data from purchasing data to customer satisfaction data, VINN can match the right customer, with the right vehicle and the right dealer in record time. They then simplify the buying process and enable the entire transaction to be completed online in a fraction of the time. The end result is higher customer satisfaction before and after the transaction as well as a faster and more cost effective transaction for the dealers. VINN has assembled a top team of talented industry experts and has a track record of delivering on strategy.
We are thrilled to announce that VINN has closed $4.1mm (CAD) in seed financing, valuing the company at $23.3mm post-money. The list of investors includes funds like Tiny Capital, Turner Novak’s Banana Capital, Roach Capital, and Garage Capital and of course MAVAN Capital Partners. There was participation from Angel Investors behind businesses including Wealthsimple, Morning Brew, Uber, Article, Airbnb, Ford, Shawspring Partners, + many more. We are excited to be supporting another BC based company alongside a group of amazing firms. We are excited to see VINN bring together such a phenomenal group of investors to support a Victoria-based company. This capital helps continue to keep up with their growth, add great new talent to the team, and expand our geographic reach.