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VitaminLab is a direct to consumer company that specializes in custom blended vitamins and supplements. The company had developed an automated system to help customers design a formulation for each individual’s specific needs. The resulting recipe is manufactured and then delivered directly to the consumer’s home. So instead of a cupboard full of various vitamins and supplements you can take just one capsule specifically designed for you.
VitaminLab was founded in 2015 by a pharmacist to provide clarity into formulations, vitamin requirements and offer a personalized approach to customers and brands. The team has a combined thirty years of experience in nutraceuticals, pharmacy, marketing and health consultation. The company creates and produces personalized health formulas and custom supplement formulations for wellness brands and personalized testing companies worldwide. With VitaminLab’s unique approach, the company is able to create a formula for any condition. VitaminLab consists of manufacturing facilities in both Victoria and Vancouver BC. The company is FDA-Registered and follows Health Canada Compounding Policy and GMP standards.