Trellis – Create, Manage & Grow Your Fundraising Events

Trellis – Create, Manage & Grow Your Fundraising Events

November 1, 2019

Trellis Social Enterprises Inc. (Trellis), event supporter and portfolio company for the OKGN Tech Showcase, is a Kelowna based company that has created an event management platform specifically for charitable organizations. 20% of events in North America are for charitable causes, which is a $56 billion industry. Currently 10% of the tickets sold to charitable events are done only and the online ticket sales industry is growing at 20% annually. Therefore, Trellis has a market available to it of $5.6 billion.

You can learn more about Trellis and their success on November 6th at the OKGN Tech Showcase! Register today and come find out why investing in technology is easier than you think.


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